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WJLUAM   VOX   HT73ISOI.I>T.                    391
the pecf )Ie with thz lifted and oppressive
taxes,     ILL.   tliis   eozuraittee   Hiimboldt   siioyred   Ms
strength, and reported to the council uf state on the
subject, in a masterly speech, on tlie — nd -July." He
showed, in liberal and "bold terms, the faults of the
fafeely-iavoiimble report which the minister had made
on the Prussian finances, and pointed out the inteasi-
bility of his project with great energy and vivacity.
A great agitation then prevailed. Several members
opposed him ; lie quietly listened to their objections^
and. replied to all in a speech which "was somewhat
longer than the first one.    [Nothing was effected ,
Billow's                                       Humboldt's
was received with immitigated admiration, and friends
enemies alike acknowledged his great eloquence
Ms penetrating and bold treatment of Ms subject
Hardenberg soon felt the consequences of this de-
bate.,              that his nephew could no longer retain
his situation- He tad to resign in December of the
year, and be satisfied with a post in the ministry
of commerce, "which "was made for him. The relation
between Haxiiejibexg and Sumboldt was much. shakers.
by this event, and even the Mug seems to have been
suspicions of the latter. But the public now looked
upon HiimboHt as the leader of the opposition^ and
the report was frequently circulated that the chan-
cellor intended to retire from the administration. If
lie had at this period resigned his         in favour of
Humboldt   or  G-Beisenau,         two favourites of the
public, lie would have retired in the ŁoH glory of Ms
reputation^          more energetic Imncis woiid have
effected wliat Ms weaker ones feiled to carry out.
In Berlin^   Huxnboldt found Ms old friend Wolf
again ; Wolf, attacked "by his students and Ms feUew%
felt Mmself very uncomfortable in Ms position,,
attached himself          to Hmnboldt.    PoStically,, fee
also took part for Hiimboldt, and many              lie
liad been left by Ifim to watch the             of events.
Some said, even, that Wolf coimuixxiieated to Hum-
boldt in the ancient Greek